The goal of the the Garduino project is to make a solar-powered automated greenhouse. We're currently using an Arduino Mega for this project.

Resources <3

This has some resources if you missed a meeting or don't understand a concept :)

1st Meeting (Fall 23) - RECAP and GOALS: Garduino 1st Meeting.pdf

What is Arduino? How are we using it:


Soil Moisture Sensors:

NOTE - we will use these as an analog sensor

There was two main types of soil moisture sensors we considered; Capacitive or Resistive. 

 Capacitive or Resistive Soil Moisture Sensors 

We bought the capacitive sensors these ones: amazon link 

waterproofing info: 


 waterproofing tutorial 

 - we just ended up using clear nail polish and heat shrink tubes

Water Level Sensors (Float Switches)