Vice President Responsibilities

The Vice President shall:

The Vice President shall assist the President:

One of the biggest responsibilities of the club's Vice President is to help the President with any tasks they are not capable of handling or are not available for. Often the roles of President and Vice President in the robotics club are shifted to fit each person's best combination of responsibilities. This is imperative because it keeps all tasks moving smoothly and prevents opportunities and responsibilities from slipping through the cracks of the busy life of RSO leadership.

Responsibilities that are often shared between the two officers:

The Vice President manages club dates and schedules

The vice president should manage the club schedule and calendars to ensure no dates overlap or conflict. This also means that they should be aware of other campus events and RSO events. We often have a broad range of members in the club that overlap with other organizations and it is beneficial to the members and our club to prepare and possibly combine events as well. Helpful links as resources for finding events are listed below:

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