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President Responsibilities

The President shall:

  • Supervise and coordinate the activities of the organization. 
  • Preside over all meetings and call all meetings to order.

  • Maintain communication with the Office of Student Involvement and/or Student Engagement (Downtown) and ensure that all paperwork is current. 

  • Be one of three signers on financial documents.

  • Be responsible for creating a budget at the beginning of each fall and spring semester, in conjunction with the Treasurer. 

  • Ensure that all officers are familiar with this Constitution, via a review to happen within one month of officer installation.

  • Ensure all officers are performing their duties as defined in this Constitution.

  • Keep the advisor informed of the activities and functions of the organization.

  • Be familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct meetings.

  • Be familiar with the Golden Rule regulations as they relate to student organizations and communicate them to the organization as needed.

  • Provide all documents and records pertaining to their responsibilities to the newly elected President.

  • Assign special projects to officers.