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Testing 123

Drone design


Mission and Design

Laki2 Technical Report

Systems Engineering Approach Mission Requirements Analysis The SUAS competition has three main sections [1]: The technical paper, the flight readiness review, and the mission demonstration. The competition is scored out of 100% in which the first two section...

Acronyms and Terminology


AMA - Academy of Model Aeronautics BLDC - Brushless Direct Current cc - Cubic Centimeter CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics COTS - Consumer Off-The-Shelf EECP SD - Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Senior Design EKF - Extended Kalman Filter...

Official Teams Roster


PAY THE BUY-IN!!! ($20 per team) on RCCF's super cool website (LINK) to get your team added to the roster.  CHECK-IN 1 (CAD Model) CHECK-IN 2 (Build Check-In) CHECK-IN 3 (Pre-Fight Approval) Team 1 - GlipGlop Jerry Xie Team 2 - ...

Main Computer

AGV 2023 Electrical

Jetson TX2 Basic Specs (Advanced) CPU- ARM® Cortex® A57 MPCore (Quad-Core) Processor- NVIDIA Denver 2 (Dual-Core) Processor Pascal GPU- 256 NVIDIA® CUDA® cores Memory- 4GB | 128-bit LPDDR4 DRAM Storage- 16GB eMMC 5.1 Flash Storage Networking- 10/100/10...

Jetson HAT Design V1.0

AGV 2023 Electrical

Writing In Progress Idea The idea of a Jetson HAT comes from the common name of Raspberry Pi HATs (Hardware Attached on Top). Goals Create a PCB HAT for the Jetson carrier. Create a compact and versatile board to interface sensors with. Create a simple...


CORE I/O Basics


RTC 360

Sensors Lidar/Laser Scanner

BLK Black

Sensors Lidar/Laser Scanner

Velodyne Puck

Sensors Lidar/Laser Scanner


Sensors Environmental Sensors


Sensors Environmental Sensors


Sensors Environmental Sensors


Sensors Environmental Sensors


Sensors Environmental Sensors


Sensors Cameras


Sensors Cameras

Boson IR

Sensors Cameras

Kinect A2

Sensors Cameras


Sensors Environmental Sensors