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Connecting through SPOT

The Spot CORE I/O can also be set up to use Spot as a router in order to access the internet if Spot is connected. When the default route of the Spot CORE I/O is set to (Spot), it can access the same networks as the robot. See the knowledge article Spot CORE: Accessing the Internet through Spot for more details (this article is for the legacy Spot CORE, but will also apply to the Spot CORE I/O).

The Spot CORE I/O does not have Cockpit. Network configuration sections referring to Cockpit should be done through the terminal instead of using the "nmcli" command line tool. The following commands will set the Spot CORE I/O's Gateway to Spot:

sudo nmcli connection modify eth-robot ipv4.gateway ""
sudo nmcli c up eth-robot