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Uploading to Tape Measure

This page showcases two ways you can upload your .tgz file into TM's core IO and how to load the container onto him.

Wireless Uploading


Physical USB

Frist things first make sure you have a USB big enough to store your .tgz file created previously after inserting it into your computer simply copy or move the .tgz file onto the USB. Using one of the USB slots in his core IO plug the USB into Tape Measure. Next, we'll SSH into him by running the command below:

ssh -p 20022 [email protected]

This is the command if TM is on his own wifi however if he's on another wifi network the IP address will need to be changed. With that being said, it'll prompt you to insert a password which, again, you'll have to ask @dwight_2 for either on Discord or in person.

Next what you'll want to do is mount your USB. Since the core IO runs on Linux the following commands should just work when pasted in.

sudo fdisk -l

This command line lists all available USB and disk devices on TM. Once you spot your device name copy it. USB device name can look like: sda1, sda, etc.

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /data/usbin

This command line mounts the USB device sda1 to the directory /data/usbin. If you want to use a different directory make sure you specify it. Otherwise, you can create a directory by running: 

sudo mkdir /data/usb-drive

This creates a new directory within data called USB-drive. Other than that just make sure you're within the directory of your USB device when running the following command line.

sudo docker load -i tm-voicebox-v.10.6.8.tgz

This loads your .tgz file as a container image on TM. That's it! Other than using the run command you've successfully uploaded the container image onto TM. Simply run your docker run command in order to access your imported container.

sudo docker run -it --device=dev/snd:/dev/snd tm-voicebox-v.10.6.8